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Western U.P. of Michigan

Location of Waterfalls

1.Deer Creek Falls - Deer Creek, 7 miles northwest of Bergland

2.Rapid River Falls - Rapid River, 5 miles northwest of Bergland

3.Nonesuch Falls - Iron River 1.5 miles west of White Pine

4.Greenwood Falls (Bonanza) - Big Iron River, 4 miles north of White Pine or 1 mile south of Silver City

5.Pewabeck Falls - Little Iron River, 3 miles north of White Pine

6.Little Trap Falls - Anderson Creek, 6.5 miles north of Bergland

7.Cascade Falls - West Branch of Ontonagon River, 7 miles west of Bergland

8.Wolverine Falls - Cisco Branch of Ontonagon River, 8 miles west of Paulding

9.Victoria Dam - West Branch of Ontonagon River - 4 miles northwest of Rockland

10.Rock Bluff Falls - Bluff Creek. 1.5 miles south of Paulding

11.Okundekun Falls (Baltimore Falls) Baltimore River, 6 miles southeast of Rockland

12.Bond Falls - Middle Branch of Ontonagon River, 2.5 miles northeast of Paulding

13.Three Rapids Falls - Middle Branch of Bluff Creek, 10 miles northwest of Agate

14.Agate Falls - Middle Branch of Ontonagon River, 4.5 miles southwest of Paulding

15.Onion Falls - East Branch of Ontonagon River, 7 miles northwest of Kenton Sparrow

16.Rapids Falls - East Branch of Ontonagon River, 3 miles northwest of Kenton

17.Sparrow Rapids Falls - East Branch of Ontonagon River, 3 miles northwest of

18.Kenton Derby Falls - Derby Creek, northeast of Bergland

19.Greenstone Falls - Little Carp River, Porcupine Mountains State Park

20.Traders Falls, Explorers Falls Trappers Falls - all are along the Little Carp River in the Porcupine Mountains State Park (Gogebic County)

21.Trap Falls - Carp River inlet, Porcupine Mountain State Park

22.Union Falls - Union River, Porcupine Mountains State Park.

Bond Falls waterfalls are part of the middle branch of the Ontonagon River. 3 1/2 miles east of Paulding, Michigan. Bond Falls, drops into two sections and is one of the most spectacular in the Upper Peninsula.

In a rush of white water, the first drop stretched down the river over flat sections of dark rock. The river widens slightly to about 80 feet and at the center makes an abrupt drop into a small pool, forcing the rest of the falling water to curve around it on both sides. Branches from the closets trees bend toward it as it passes. From here the river curves to the right and disappears behind the trees.

Downstream, the banks are lined with a cement abutment to minimize erosion by the strong flowing river. Water there continues to rush over flat sections of rock. The cement abutment ends at the viewing platform, which affords an exciting close-up view of the main section of Bond Falls.

The main falls is breathtaking. The water drops nearly 50 feet in a series of step like drops. The squared-0off rock stairs are scattered haphazardly in many different layers, which causes the water to bounce off their flat tops in a complicated pattern of white streams. When viewed from the front, a small grass and tree covered island backed by a small section of rock divides the falls into two unequal sections. From the base, the water flows past a scattering of huge rocks, which have fallen from the cliff, to form a large pool which circles out from the falls.

From there the river divides and continues through the forest. Excellent views of the falls come from the two wooden bridges, on spanning each section of the stream. Facilities near the parking area include picnic tables and a playground for children.

The Bond Falls Flowage is excellent for large walleyes and northern pike. Good muskie are caught usually in May or October. Pan fish and smallmouth bass fishing is fair. Occasionally good catches are made of bass, crappie, or perch. Boats and motors, bait and supplies are available and camping is allowed by permit.

One half mile from the falls is a DAY USE AREA with picnic tables, grills, and one half mile of swimming beach for all to enjoy.

The Bond Falls may look familiar even if you've never been there because it has been used in many Michigan calendars, tourism promotion and a cigarette commercial.

Located on the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon River east of Bruce Crossing on M-28, Agate Falls offers the best rainbow trout fishing around.

In fact, the stretch of river between Bond Falls and Agate Falls is often described - and deserved recognition- as the most productive trout stream in Ontonagon County and quite possibly in the entire Upper Peninsula.

The Ontonagon River is also excellent for canoeing and was used by early lumberjacks to float their logs down to the mouth where the Diamond Match company was located. Canoe rentals are available in Ontonagon.

The Ontonagon railroad bridge, pier and marina are places you can fish the river without a boat. Also in the downtown area, boardwalks line both sides of the river, and a handicap-access fishing site is located on the east shore just before the pier.

Further south, the river is also easily accessible at such places as the Military Bridge on US 45, Victoria, Ewen, and Agate and Bond Falls.

Manebehzo, Manido, Nawadaha and Nimikon Falls - are all along the Presque Isle River located within the Porcupine Mountain State Park in both Ontonagon and Gogebic Counties.

Fourteen miles north of Ironwood and four miles west along Lake Superior. The majestic Superior Falls features deep ravines and cliffs on the Montreal River. This is not a well marked falls, get directions.

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